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Fraud type Our solution
SDK Spoofing SDK Signature
Fraudsters can replicate how SDKs communicate and make up engagements, installs, and events from thin air. When a SDK is compromised, a fraudster can commit fraud at scale. Encryption is the only way to effectively stop SDK Spoofing, and we’re the only provider that offers cutting-edge multi-layered encryption to protect against SDK Spoofing at no extra charge.
Click Injection Click Injection Filter
Fraudsters will sometimes inject an engagement when they know an app is being downloaded, hijacking credit for the install and making you pay for performance that isn’t there. We leverage signals sent by Google to deterministically reject any and all attempts at Click Injection
Device Farms Anonymous IP Filter
There are click farms and data centers hosting emulated devices, solely built to give you hollow engagements and installs. Click farms and data centers rely on obfuscating their locations and masking or obfuscating IPs. We undercut this by rejecting any and all installs that are associated with compromised IPs.
Click Spamming Distribution Modelling
Fraudsters will leverage malware on user devices to consistently send clicks to MMPs, which can misattribute credit to publishers for installs that were really organic to begin with. This solution is made up of two sub-filters that work in unison: the 'Hyper-engagement filter' and the 'Distribution Outlier' We use models fed with years of research and petabytes of data to determine which clicks are real and which clicks are spam.

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