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Create your CV schema easily with Adjust’s Guided Setup

Mar 31, 2022

Adjust’s Guided Setup model enables you to create comprehensive conversion value configurations quickly and easily. This model allows you to focus on what is important to your campaigns without needing to handle all of the administrative overhead.

Choose multiple measurements

With the Guided Setup model you can choose multiple measurements. The model automatically maps each measurement to a conversion value as you set up conditions.



Interval tracking

Use interval tracking to gain insight into when users trigger conditions in your app. Split up your conversion value window into multiple 12 or 24 hour blocks to measure when a condition is triggered.


The Guided Setup model maps conversion values for each measurement in the intervals you define. For example, if you have a 24 hour conversion value window and a 12 hour interval, two conversion values are mapped for each measurement: one between 0-12 hours and the other between 12-24 hours.

This gives you more insight into how long users remain engaged with your app and when they perform certain actions.

Conversion value preview

The Guided Setup model makes it easy for you to see how your conversion values are set up at a glance. You can check each conversion value to see what it measures by using the preview feature in the setup screen.


For more information about conversion value management, check out our guide on mapping conversion values. If you have any questions, reach out to